Hello! My name is Lee-May Thammasartsit



I'm a managing director of Suphan Classic Home Co., Ltd.



Our company sells furniture and interior decoration items.



Our business started from 20 years ago.



My parents imported furniture from Europe;



Such as Spain and Italy.



We imported chandeliers from Australia.



The decorated items are imported from Venice



After ten years of business, we opened our factory,



located in Indonesia.



Our factory is for meeting the needs of our customers.



The customers can customize the designs with cheaper costs.



We have 3 styles to choose from:



Classic, Vintage and Louis.



Our factory in Indonesia can made-to-order Louis-styled furniture.



All of our Louis-styled furniture is handmade.



We have skillful craftmen for this specific style.



We're able to provide customized furniture for our customers.



This type of furniture is never outdated,



and it's still used nowadays.



People still like Louis furniture.



For the next ten or twenty years, the style will always popular.



We deliver our products nationally and internationally.



1Our customers are in Myanmar, Cambodia,



Japan, USA, Australia and Iran.



We can deliver our furniture anywhere in Thailand.



For international delivery, we use our agent in Thailand.



We directly deliver to our customer's place.



We also send our staff for installation.



Our customers are always fully satisfied with our service.



We also provide post-sale service.



We still service the customers who bought our furniture twenty years ago.



For those who are looking for Louis, Classic and Vintage furniture,



in many design and style,



you can come to choose the furniture at our store.



We can also deliver right away.



We provide all types of services for your needs.


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