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Suphan Classic Home is the importer and distributor of lamp products, home decorations Modern furniture that highlight the luxury with classic wood carving patterns and gracefully combined with fine fabrics. Having been in service for over 20 years, we guaranteed the quality of all of our products. All of the furnitures have been through detailed inspection by experts and professionals, in order to cater to customer's expections and maximize their satisfaction.​



Louis Type

This type of furniture is emphasized by the luxurious wood carving pattern that is dimensional and gracefully done to catch attention from all eyes. Louis-type furniture is suitable for customers who prefer home decorations that are grande, elegant, especially for people who like beautifully-done dimensional and complex wood carvings

Classic Type​

This type of furniture is more simple but still elegant, decorated with Inlay wood carvings. The patterns are simple yet stylish, suitable for customers who seek classic home decorations with uncomplicated wood carving patterns that are still gracefully done.​

Vintage Type​

This type of furniture is adored by customers who look for unique beauty in things. Simple yet dimensional, with power hidden underneath the simplicity of its beautiful nature. Vintage furniture suits people who want to be different. Often used in hotels, condominiums and resorts.​

Modern Type​

This type of furniture gives off a modern vibe with its design that offers elegancy, high-classness, mixed with its unique patterns. It can be used in almost any scenarios as well as used with other furnitures to create a fresh look. Suitable for customers who look for furnitures that are simple, elegant yet modern.​



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