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How to Spot Louis XIV, Louis XV And Louis XVI Chairs​

French furniture pieces from the 18th-century are, in many ways, the Platonic ideal of an antique. By and large, they are exquisitely constructed, reflect a rich social and political context and come with their own semi-foreign vocabulary.

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5 Classic Furniture to Add Louis Influence to Your Home

When it comes to impeccable interiors, antiques are a must-have for every sophisticated home. French homes tend to showcase European antiques as well as imported chinoiserie. From cabinet to bed, here is our roadmap to add Louis influence to your home

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Mixing Classic Furniture - You Don't Actually Have to Match Your Wood Tones

One of the puzzling questions that were asked often is how to mix wood tones in a room while people are getting more and more adventurous with mixing periods and styles in their home.

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